Stab Wounds to the Abdomen: Options and Algorithms

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Pr-014785Stab Wounds to the Abdomen: Options and AlgorithmsJack Sava, MDTrauma Service WHC


Build your own (safe) management algorithm.


  • Review the abdominal organs
  • Review 2 considerations for managing abdominal stab wounds
  • Review types of knife penetration


This module discusses the management options for patients with abdominal stab wounds. In many situations, I’m a firm advocate of adhering to management algorithms in a fairly strict fashion, but on this topic, I think it works better to come to an understanding of what the goals are in the workup of a stab wound, and to apply some of the fundamental lessons, from the the trauma literature to fulfill those goals in different ways in different circumstances. Also, there is room for individual variation between surgeons in these injuries, because different surgeons weigh different priorities differently, and may also work in different environments. Hopefully by the end of the module, you’ll be able to tell the difference between an acceptable varation on safe management, and just plain bad management.

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